Buffalo Gold Dollar

Gold Buffalos are a great investment not just for the 1 troy ounce of gold content, but also for the collecting appeal of this very popular gold bullion coin. The design of the 50 dollar Buffalo gold coin is is similar to the buffalo nickel introduced in 1913.

The 50 dollar bullion coin is a new addition to the collecting space and are being sought after worldwide for their intrinsic metal value as well as the historic connection to the great American West. The obverse (face) of the gold buffalo dollar has a Native American composite sculpture believed to be from 3 different American Indian chiefs. The reverse is a Bison, strongly believed to be modeled after a Buffalo named ‘Black Diamond’.

These American Buffalo gold bullion coins are the first .9999 fine 24K gold coins ever struck by the US Mint. This extra fine gold content makes these coins more attractive to international investors than the American Eagles. These coins will carry a premium over the spot price of gold due to the intense interest in them for collecting.

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buffalo gold dollar