Buffalo Gold Coin Mintage

Buffalo Gold Dollars have only been minted for the last 2006 – present. The limited minting of this coin makes it one of the rarest of the collector coins still being minted in the U.S. The Buffalo Gold Bullion coin tracks with the price of gold plus about a 4-5% premium.

As the mintage figures are substantiated and collector figures are confirmed we will post more analysis.

Buffalo Gold Mint volume

The original Buffalo designs were created by James Fraser for the Buffalo Nickel. He created two versions of the Buffalo designs. The type 1 design is used for the Buffalo Gold Dollar. This is the first coin minted by the US Mint that is considered pure(.9999) gold. .91 or 91% gold coins such as the American Eagle have been criticized and shunned by international collectors due to the lower gold content and inability to meet their bullion needs.

Fraser developed the designs for the face of the coins using a composite of three Indian chiefs and developed the bison profile through extensive observation of ‘Black Diamond’, a bison at the New York Zoo.

The coins are being struck exclusively at the West Point Mint in New York. The mint mark of ‘W’ is visible only on the proof versions however.
The 1 troy ounce coin weighs 31.1 grams and has a diameter of 1.29 inches or 32.7 millimeters and are .12 inches or 2.95 millimeters thick.